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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tear of the Ghlak by Ken, Pt. 2

Short one today!
He reached the gate of Xthil, a Kled trade city, an hour after first light. Nycal was met by four raptors in matching purple vests. The sorcerer knew of this custom. The dinosaurs worked in large extended packs. Everyone in the city wore a waistcoat in the color chosen by his pack leader. Embroidery and brocade further differentiated them, since packs in other city-states often choose the same colors. A rune pinned or stitched to the collar of his undershirt gave a raptor’s heritage. Other then these two essential pieces of clothing, they wore nothing else, as pants would not fit, and being reptilian they had nothing to hide.
            “Hold!” The first one said. “It’s five shekels to tie your Glider.”
            Nycal grinned wryly. “What if I don’t want to pay?”
            The leader reacted as if struck. “But you must! It is the law, and the law of Zethil 103rd Alpha of the Gatekeepers!”
            Nycal stared at him with laser intensity. When he next spoke his voice had an odd echo. I do not need to pay the toll.
            The leader replied with glazed eyes. “You…You do not need to pay the toll.”
            His pack mates gaped as Nycal tied his glider to a nearby stable-stake and walked right on through.
            Some moments later one of them finally spoke. “We’ll be made Omega for this, is just know it.” He whispered in horror.        


  1. Ken, if you start posting every day, you're going to make the rest of us look like slackers. Why with the one-upsmanship always?!?! :-D

    That said, its been a very star wars day on the blog hasn't it? Good bit of exposition.

  2. No one-upsmanship about it. you did say keep it coming, and that just came to me. glad you liked it.