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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Layna-by Holly

This is a companion piece to "Science vs Romance" as a character profile of Layna. Once I get my full crew figured out I might start to spin them together into a full story.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Of What Measure, An Interesting Time by Ken

This story takes place in a universe that has become know to myself and Richard as Interesting Times. The concept has been with me since high school, and I have several versions of the world and it's characters. This is the latest version. Enjoy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Science vs Romance - Wedding Dress Prompt - Holly

I wrote this a few months ago without any specific future in mind for it. The title is borrowed from a Rilo Kiley song.

My Lady - Wedding Dress Prompt - Richard

Here's "Something New", short, starting something I'll be continuing. I generally rely on pretty lengthy description and haven't worked a lot with dialogue, so I'm trying to fix that. Also trying to make medieval-period characters talk like they're people and not Hamlet. Let me know how I do with both.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Gift - Wedding Dress Prompt - by Kate

Here's my response to the "Wedding Dress" prompt; inspired by "something borrowed," I decided to work on an excerpt from an original Star Wars story I doubt George Lucas would ever allow me to publish. The Star Wars setting is borrowed but the characters and the rest of the story are all mine! The story is set sometime in the 1500 year gap between the Old Republic era and the events leading up to the films. The expanded universe hasn't explored this period of time - to my knowledge - so I feel comfortable inserting my small bit of Star Wars history here.

Also, YIKES, this is long! I appreciate you sticking with me! 

Tear of the Ghlak by Ken, Pt. 2

Short one today!

Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Use 'Jump Breaks' for your Posts

Hey All! In the interest of keeping our main page simple to browse, from now on, please posts your work using a jump break. Follow the link for more instructions!

Tear of the Ghlak by Ken, Repost

Hey dude! Thanks for the comments. I think you might have mispressed a button, becuase those comments appear but the story doesen't. That, said, I'm reposting it. Hope you don't mind

In the mists of pre-history from the end of the Devonian to the fall of the Rock, life and civilization existed, civilizations that could scarcely be imagined. Nations like Pious Nasir, where the Smilodon theocrat in his ruby mask spoke for a god whose sacrament was delusion. So too do the legends speak of the Kled Principalities, and reptilian Raptor Lords who rule them. Bards sing of the flying city of Zura, with it’s lich prophets, and Yaddith, glorious Yaddith, the Empire of the Pole, whose crystal towers pierce the heavens.
It is a history that is not true, but now, let us see what could have been, in the Dreamtime, at the dawn.

For my brother - Wedding Dress Prompt - by Holly

This is a poem I wrote around the anniversary of 9/11, thinking back on how the tragedy affected my family. I don't usually write poetry, so I would appreciate feedback.

You missed my last year of high school
because a man in a uniform handed you some papers
sending you to a place we’d been happy to ignore
a pit of sand, drowning in oil and fire

Begin - Wedding Dress Prompt - By Richard

Welcome everyone and thanks for coming on board with Write Now! Quick restatement of our purpose: to get all us lazy writers to start writing with discipline, as often as possible, and to get feedback from other writers to strengthen our skills.

We'll kick it off this week with our first prompt, which you can see to the left. I'll update with a new prompt every Sunday Night (I'll email to notify you and goad you into submitting!) Use the prompt, ignore it, make fun of it, write a better prompt and post it, whatever you like, just write!

Here's my first, falls into the "Something Old" category, wrote it for my creative writing class in London, 4 years ago. Criticize, interpret, edit, rip it up.